Nanowrimo Veteran Pep Talk

Nanowrimo, Writing
Today I have a special treat for you as we close in on the end of the month, a pep talk sure to get you back on the writing treadmill from a Nanowrimo veteran who happens to be a good friend of mine. Please give Bethlyn Bechtel a warm welcome. Hi Nanoers!!!! Oh gosh. Nano is ALMOST over!! You're almost to the end of this INSANE war against words....and you see that you aren't done yet. You've had to deal with school or work or kids or wisdom teeth being yanked after a horrible toothache. Or some other such horrible distraction. AHHHH!!!!!!! That's me. I'm not done yet, either. If this was last year, I would have been done. I've done this! I can do it! BUT: no words want…
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5 Reasons Not to Give Up

Inspirational, Nanowrimo, Writing
The month is almost over and hopefully you're close to hitting your goals for the month, whether that means 50K, 100K or a finished novel. Of course, life has many different ways of preventing you from reaching your goals, so there's a pretty good chance that you're nowhere near your goals and wondering what made you think it was a good idea to pursue them in the first place. If you're far behind where you wanted to be at this time of the month, you're not alone. There are thousands of other Wrimos struggling through the same things right now, and you can find a great many of them on the forums. More importantly, having fallen behind doesn't mean you should give up. No matter what your word count is,…
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Week 4

Goal setting, Inspirational, Nanowrimo, Writing
Judgement day is now very near. Our days to finish the novels we've been working on this November are almost over, and it's time for the final push. It doesn't matter if you have 49, 000 words or 5, 000 words, be ruthless this week. Cut out as much of your socializing as you can and beg or bribe someone else to do your housework. Your focus should be on writing this week, and getting as close to 50, 000 words and "the end" as possible. It's entirely possible that if you free up enough time, you can write almost your entire novel this week. So don't despair if you're behind, and if you're ahead, keep pushing yourself towards the end. Of course there's some things you still need to…
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