Your Nanowrimo Survival Kit

Inspirational, Nanowrimo, Writing
The best way to win Nanowrimo is by maximizing inspiration and minimalizing distractions. A Nanowrimo survival kit helps you do just that. It ensures that you have everything you need nearby and keeps you from running off on lengthy store trips. The ideal Nanowrimo survival kit contains something to meet all your needs, preferably things that can easily be kept in a box beside your desk. Some of the things you'll need to survive this novel writing madness are better off in places like the fridge, but try to keep as many of the essentials by your desk as necessary so you don't have to get up as often. Butt in chair is the most important part of any writing challenge, and by keeping all the essentials within arm's reach,…
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Creating a Nanowrimo Survival Kit

Novels, Writing: The Process
Every year in at least one of the Nanowrimo forums you'll find a thread talking about people's Nanowrimo survival kits. A Nanowrimo survival kit is a big box full of items that will help you through Nanowrimo. Unlike most kits, not all of it will be in a box. Some of these items are better off in the fridge or cupboards around your home. Some should be carried with you all the time. Today I've created an example Nanowrimo survival kit, which contains many items most Nanoers find useful during the month of November. Ramen Noodles- Mr. Noodles are a quick, simple meal to make when you're deprived of sleep and chained to your computer. Picking up a big box of these noodles is a good idea. Even if you…
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