Author Spotlight: Serene Conneeley

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Today's author is a very special guest, the first in a string of published Nanowrimo participants who will be appearing on The Dabbler throughout the next two months to give you some encouragement, inspiration and maybe even some great advice. She's actually had two Nanowrimo novels published, but I'll leave her to introduce those herself. Please give Serene Conneeley a warm welcome and enjoy her advice. Can you tell us a bit about your books? The books I wrote during NaNoWriMo are the novels Into the Mists (2012 NaNo) and Into the Dark (2013 NaNo)… and this November I’ll be writing the third in the series :-) They’re loosely considered YA, since the main character is seventeen, and have a fantasy element, a bit of mystery and some magic, while…
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What Nanowrimo 2014 will look like on The Dabbler

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As you might have guessed from Tuesday's post, I've got some pretty big plans this Nanowrimo--for both myself and this blog. My goal for this blog is simple: I want to create the ultimate resource for anyone participating in Nanowrimo who needs some help along the way. I haven't chosen an actual word goal yet--I'm working on some outlines right now and I want to finish them before deciding how far I want to push myself--but I promise you, it will be massive. This is a big year for me, and I'm determined to make this Nanowrimo suitably grand. It might also be my last time aiming for a massive word count, at least for a few years. I really need to focus on editing, and it's hard to edit a…
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Tips from Nanowrimo veteran CaptainQuirk

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Hello, fellow WriMos. I’m a five-time NaNoWriMo winner (plus one Camp NaNo). Here’s my advice for crossing that 50,000 word finish line. 1. Socialize Writing can be lonely. The fun of NaNo is that you’re embarking on your quest in tandem with a bunch of other people who love writing just as much as you do. Go to events. Make friends. Share your tales of joy and woe. Having fun with other writers really does make it a lot easier when you sit down alone to write. 2. Set The Tone In Your Writing Environment It can help you get into “writing mode” if you set up your writing space according to whatever makes you feel creative. For example, you can post sticky notes with inspirational quotes on the wall…
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