Happy Holidays!

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It's that time of year again... The houses on your street are covered in lights. Every store you go into is playing Christmas carols. Every store you go into is also jam packed full of people buying last minute Christmas presents--but hey guys, it's almost Christmas, and in a few days the stores will be survivable again. No matter what holiday you're celebrating this winter, and even if you're staying indoors with your best bah humbug face on, I hope you take the time to truly enjoy this last week of 2012. If you're like me, you've accomplished a lot this year--although not as much as you hoped to accomplish--and you deserve to celebrate those accomplishments. I was going to write a pretty large post today and two more this…
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Prompt of the Week: The New Year

Prompts, Short Fiction
Today's Prompt: The New Year When the Phoenix flies overhead, the year shall be born again and all the things on this planet shall grow and once again life we will know. The Monastary of Dracon and Astarael was a beautiful place. It was three stories tall and many hundreds of feet long, deep within the woods of Appollinia. The building was black stone on one side and red stone on the other, built hundreds of years ago by devotees of both God and Goddess. On Astarael's side there was a bell tower which stood two stories above the rest of the building. Miriam had been a monk-in-training for three years now, since her mother died and her brother became a soldier. She truly loved this place; it was her…
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New Year’s Goals

Novels, Writing, Writing: The Process
Today is the last day of 2010, and what a year it has been. I started the year full of hope, with many many goals. Some of these goals have been accomplished, but I will admit that the majority of these goals remain elusive. Some have changed; some projects have been abandoned; and others are just a few short steps away now. In 2011 I would like to see my dreams start taking form and shape. I would like to begin to make my future my present. Some things to think about when picking your writing goals for the new year are: ~What you accomplished last year Did you finish a book? Write a hundred poems? Blog every day? How can you take that accomplishment and build on it? For…
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