Flip Turn by Paula Eisenstein

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Paula Eisenstein is a wonderful author who I interviewed here earlier this year. You can check out that post for more information about her and the story of how we met--today I'd like to focus instead on her debut novel, Flip Turn. Let's start by glancing at the back cover copy: "In Paula Eisenstein’s spare and provocative first novel, a young girl must come to terms with the discovery that her brother killed a young girl. Feeling alienated and not knowing how to ask for help, she decides that suppressing her sexual development will ensure she doesn’t do the same thing. In Flip Turn, Eisenstein has created an unforgettable narrator whose success as an athlete leaves her conflicted about the attention she receives. She fears it will remind people of…
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Author Interview: Paula Eisenstein

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I meet most of the authors I interview online through Musa's author group or other online writing groups. Sometimes I read a book and I'm so stunned by it that I simply have to interview that author. Today's author, Paula Eisenstein, I met in a very different way--I just so happen to go to school with her son. She's a generous lady who has even sent me a print copy of her novel, Flip Turn, for review(I usually only get ebook copies), so you can expect to hear more about her soon. Please give Paula a warm welcome. * * * * 1. Can you tell us a bit about your book, Flip Turn? Flip Turns’s narrator is a young teenager, who is also a competitive swimmer. She is dealing…
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