Peppy McTalk

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Today's guest poster is Dylan Madeley, a freelance writer, editing professional and several time Nanowrimo winner. I hope his words will inspire you to greatness! * * * * Hello, NaNoer. It's been a week and two days since we started this thing, you and me. Chances are, your novel is comparable to mine and many of the others: it's a caterpillar. How you view this caterpillar means a fair deal. You might perceive a big ugly worm-like thing in front of you every time that you open the notepad or file. You might feel frustrated that there isn't a wonderful, colourful creature instead. Or you might be more protective. You might say: "This is not just any caterpillar, but my caterpillar, who is cute and fuzzy and look I…
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Don’t Worry, Just Write

Inspirational, Nanowrimo, Novels, Writing, Writing: The Process
Today's post is the first in a series of pep talks written by Nanowrimo veterans. I'm pleased to welcome Rose Johnson, known as SerpentRose on the Nanowrimo forums, 10 year Nano participant and, coincidentally, my mother, who originally introduced me to Nano. Please give her a warm welcome. * * * * Another year, another novel. This is my tenth time doing NaNo and I wish I could tell you I've won every time. Fortunately I've learned from both successes and failures, and one of the main things I've learned is that when I worry too much about what I'm writing it's harder to actually sit down and write. It's far better, especially for NaNoWriMo, to have an idea that excites you than to have an idea other people think…
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