Creating a Nanowrimo Survival Kit

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Every year in at least one of the Nanowrimo forums you'll find a thread talking about people's Nanowrimo survival kits. A Nanowrimo survival kit is a big box full of items that will help you through Nanowrimo. Unlike most kits, not all of it will be in a box. Some of these items are better off in the fridge or cupboards around your home. Some should be carried with you all the time. Today I've created an example Nanowrimo survival kit, which contains many items most Nanoers find useful during the month of November. Ramen Noodles- Mr. Noodles are a quick, simple meal to make when you're deprived of sleep and chained to your computer. Picking up a big box of these noodles is a good idea. Even if you…
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10 Things You Should do Today

Goal setting, Inspirational, Novels, Writing, Writing: The Process
In case you haven't noticed,Nanowrimo has refreshed and opened its forums, though the full site isn't quite ready yet. With this news in mind, I've made up a list of ten things you should do today--or at least this week--to prepare for Nanowrimo. After all, you want to make the most of the experience, and have maximum fun time. 1~ Sign up or log into Nanowrimo. Check out all the pretty new participant icons. I swooned so much I had to show my boyfriend. Even he agrees that the participation icons are prettier. Or maybe he just said it to please me; I imagine he really hates Nanowrimo with all the attention he doesn't get. Anyway. Go update your account information. 2~ Make friends. Go check out the forums belonging…
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