Creating an Outline

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Even if you only have the most basic story, it's important to create an outline. Being able to see your story visually will give you a better idea of where you need to add details, events and subplots, and if you leave enough space you can write in new things as they happen. Having the outline handy while writing can also remind you what you're writing next after a particularly exhausting scene or prolonged break. As November is almost upon us, it's time to create your outline. For the purpose of this exercise, I'm going to assume that you know something about your story's beginning, middle and end, but not much about what happens between those three points. If you're starting completely from scratch, start here. If you're still here,…
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5 Things You Should do Before November First

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Of course, my luck is the sort where I get very, very sick at the worst possible time. For example, on Saturday morning I woke up very very early because I couldn't breath. A box of kleenex and several rolls of toilet paper later, today I actually feel good enough to go back to school and get some work done. Nanowrimo is right around the corner now and it's terrifying. I know what story I'm writing, but I haven't dug out my binder to look at my notes. I haven't gotten ahead in my homework. As it stands now, thanks to my awful head cold this weekend, I'm actually really behind in my homework. This looks like it's going to be my most difficult Nanowrimo in years. I've got more…
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