Author Spotlight: Susan E. Clarke

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Today's author is a little bit different from the normal breed, though her interview comes with great timing after my article about independent film earlier this week. Susan E. Clarke is actually here to talk about her script book, the Chronicles of Syntax, published by Inspired Quill Press. I'd tell you more but I think she can say it better. Please give Susan a warm welcome. 1. Can you tell us a bit about the Chronicles of Syntax? Chronicles of Syntax is a Science Fiction story set in the present day and leading toward an oncoming apocalypse. The Angel Network are trying to find people with an alteration to their genetic DNA. They believe that when their powers are combined they will access to memories sent back from the future, which…
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Why writers should support independent film companies, not just publishers

Screenwriting, Writing
I've talked a lot this year about why it's important for writers to support small publishers and how we can do that, but today I'd like to discuss why it's also important for us to seek out--and support--independent film companies. Here's the thing: independent film companies and small entertainment companies hire writers. Sure, some of them are probably run by writers eager to make their stories come to life, but most of these companies are run by other industry professionals--in movies it's often producers or directors--who have spent all, or at least most, of their lives studying and working in the industry. These companies need people like us. Without a writer, there's no script, and without a script, there's no movie. They cannot do the amazing work they do if there is no story…
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