Writing Goals 2013

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In the last month I've been talking a lot about goals. So have thousands of other people--so many that you might even be sick of hearing about it. Well, for those of you who are sick with new years resolution talk, I'm sorry, but please bear with me. Today I'd like to share my writing goals for the next year with you both so that I can be held accountable to what I'm doing over the next year and so that you can see why I chose each goal and get an idea how to structure your own list of writing goals for the year. Goals 2013 Finish editing Moonshadow's Guardian--This has been on my list forever. It's been shunted aside due to injury, Nanowrimo and post-Nanowrimo burnout, but I'm…
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What to do When You Can’t Stand Your Novel Anymore

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Whether it be due to your characters rebelling, your story shifting, your muse abandoning you or a dull ache in your wrists, at some point this month you will hate your novel. In fact, you've probably already had a moment like that. At some points during the drafting process--both inside and outside of Nanowrimo--you will be unable to look at your novel anymore. The key is to remember that these moments pass, prepare yourself to play catch up and then go off in search of something better to do than look at your novel, because staring at your novel at these times will probably give you the intense urge to delete the whole thing. Today I'm going to suggest an activity to distract you entirely from the awful draft you've…
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