Slowing down

Nanowrimo, Writing
Today's post is a day early because I've been doing a lot of hard thinking, and I couldn't wait to share my thoughts. On Friday I reached 95, 000 words, but instead of doing what I've done in previous years and writing a truly insane amount--like 300, 000 words--I've decided to slow down and put some energy back into other projects. I've sorely neglected this blog over the last week, and I'm also looking for more paid work because money is particularly tight at the moment. Slowing down is completely acceptable--it's giving up entirely that isn't. I will be writing until the end of November, and you should too, but if you can only write a thousand words or a couple thousand words each day when you were doing five…
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On This Last Day

Inspirational, Nanowrimo, Novels, Writing, Writing: The Process
Today, my friends, is November thirtieth. It is the last day of the great National Novel Writing Month challenge. There are less than twenty-four hours in which to hit your word count goal and pop it in the validator. Some of you already have, some of you are almost there, a couple of you might have given up, and the rest of you are probably biting your nails nervously checking the clock every other sentence. Today I'm not going to tell you to slow down or relax. Today it's time to finish your novel or at least hit your word count goal, or at least get as close as you can to your goal. Today it's time to write five or ten thousand words. Today it's time to write until…
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Word Count and Excerpt

Novels, Writing: The Process
Today's Word Count: 87, 390 Today's excerpt was chosen because I wanted to show the strength of the friendship between Logan and Marla, the two main characters in my main Nano project this year, Some Secrets Should Never Be Known. Excerpt: Logan stopped and she looked up. They were beside the start of a smaller dock, to which a black boat was tied. The boat was big enough to house two or three people, definitely more of a travel boat than a fishing boat. It was somewhat wrecked and the man sitting on it looked kind of drunk. He had brown hair with a few gray streaks, a beer belly, and a big bottle of booze. Logan took a couple of steps down the dock and the man looked up.…
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