How committed are you to building a successful writing career?

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Everyone says they're committed to their goals, but how many actually take regular, massive action to achieve them? How many people are actually committed enough to come home from their day jobs and work for hours on an art project, a novel, a side business? We hear about these people all the time--people who work full time and still spend 20 hours a week building their business until they're able to quit that full time job comfortably. People who put themselves through college or university by working full time and still get excellent marks. People who put their entire lives on hold and spend 80 hours a week working to release a new project or create a new business. We hear about them all the time,┬ábut the people who actually…
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Before you finish that draft

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After an excruciating process taking anywhere between a few weeks and several years, your first--or second, or third--draft is almost finished. Your adrenaline's pumping and you're ready to power through to the finish line. As antsy as you might be to finish it, I suggest instead you pause and take a deep breath. It's time to create a plan for after you've crossed the finish line. Start by scheduling a couple says off. You can write, of course, but jumping straight from one book to the next isn't a great idea. Give your brain some time to relax and refill the creative well by enjoying somebody else's book or doing something fun. You might want to focus on stories very different from your current WIP so you can get out…
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Making The Sacrifice

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For the last couple of months we've been talking a lot about disturbances in your writing, from writer's block to family to repetitive strain injury. It's important to develop strategies for dealing with each of these obstacles, but in the end it all boils down to one thing: making sacrifices. Today we are blessed that we can do just about anything we want with our time. We have literally millions of options. We can read or watch anything almost instantly with the internet. We can communicate instantly. We can also do everything that came before the internet: go for a bike ride, travel, garden, socialize at the local pub. With so many options, everyone's always busy. We fill up our time without thinking about it and forget to leave time…
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