3 Ways to make yourself write

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Everybody has their own tricks for winning Nanowrimo, and today I've gathered a few of these to help you get through the first full week of Nanowrimo: 1. Reward system-- I usually reward myself with stickers for daily goals and sugary treats for weekly goals, and I save the nicest sticker I have for the end of the month. Other people reward themselves with new pencils or pens, fun excursions or plain and simple relaxation time. Everybody likes different things, so pick rewards that are meaningful to you--something small for your daily goal, something a little bigger for your weekly goal, and something truly rewarding for reaching your final goal. Of course, having written a novel is its own reward, and you need to keep that in mind too. Just…
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Common Critiquing Courtesy

As promised, today I'm going to talk to you about common critiquing courtesy: how to deal with a harsh critique, and how to give a tactful critique. If you really do want to turn writing from a hobby into a career, it's important to know how to deal with harsh critics. When your book is out in the real world, it will face criticism. No matter how popular your novel is, there will always be at least one person who will absolutely hate your work. When it's a critiquer in a private forum, it's rude to send them angry responses telling them how awesome your work REALLY is. When it's a book reviewer online, it's not just rude--it can end your career. Remember that the first, and most important, rule…
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