The Ultimate Plot Creation Resource List

Once you've figured out the basics of your world and gotten to know your characters pretty well, it's time to start thinking seriously about the plot. If your novel planning process is moving along at the proper pace, you should already have an idea what your plot looks like. Now it's time to figure out all the details. Well, not all the details. At least a few details should be figured out as you go along, because the best stories grow organically. But you do need to know the basic structure of your plot before you start writing the first draft of your novel, at least if you want to write a first draft you might actually be able to salvage someday. So I've compiled a pretty large collection of…
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The Ultimate List of 42 Worldbuilding Resources

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Do you need help figuring out how to plan your novel? Are you looking for writing exercises that will help you develop your setting? UPDATED WITH NEW LINKS OCTOBER 2017 Well, it just so happens that you're in the right place. This year as part of my Nanowrimo blogstravaganza I've decided to create three lists: the ultimate list of worldbuilding resources, the ultimate list of character building resources, and the ultimate list of plot development exercises. My goal is to present you with all the options and the knowledge necessary to find your own way to success this Nanowrimo, and in every novelling endeavour you decide to take on after that. Are you ready to start planning your Nanowrimo novel? Is that a "yes" I hear? Well then, let's get…
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What Nanowrimo 2014 will look like on The Dabbler

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As you might have guessed from Tuesday's post, I've got some pretty big plans this Nanowrimo--for both myself and this blog. My goal for this blog is simple: I want to create the ultimate resource for anyone participating in Nanowrimo who needs some help along the way. I haven't chosen an actual word goal yet--I'm working on some outlines right now and I want to finish them before deciding how far I want to push myself--but I promise you, it will be massive. This is a big year for me, and I'm determined to make this Nanowrimo suitably grand. It might also be my last time aiming for a massive word count, at least for a few years. I really need to focus on editing, and it's hard to edit a…
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5 Great Resources For Writers

As September draws to a close the time has come for me to really start planning for Nanowrimo--and to help other aspiring novelists do the same. Next week I'll be diving into the subject of how to plan a novel and prepare for a crazy month of quick writing. Of course, not every writer wants to do Nanowrimo. Some people are naturally slow writers, other people are deep in edits, and others simply don't like the idea. And some of you will simply want to continue reading about other topics. Since I know you all have different writing processes--and different goals--I've compiled a list of writing resources to keep your mind busy while I'm focused on Nanowrimo(after signing up for my newsletter  so you can be reminded when it's over). The…
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