Keeping Your Writing Space Clean

Self care for writers
Your bedroom's a little messy and you're totally fine with that. There are probably some nooks and crannies you almost always ignore when cleaning up. I'll admit, I don't keep my home in perfect condition all the time either. Life gets in the way and there are many worse things than a couple pairs of dirty socks on the floor. Still, no matter how messy you let the rest of the house become, it's important to keep your writing space clean. You need some kind of organization. Everything you're likely to need in a given day should be within easy reach. All the things you need should have designated homes where they return when you're done with them. Even a small work area can seem spacious if it's well organized…
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How to Make an Ideal Workspace in Any Space

You might daydream about the perfect home office, spacious and furnished with a beautiful desk and comfortable chair. Oh, and don't forget the necessary bookshelves lining the walls. Unfortunately for most of us that isn't the reality. Many writers spend the first several years of their career working in such awful places as the couch or even the kitchen table. Freelance writing or a significant raise from your day job might earn you a separate office, but you'll probably have to wait a while before you can make that leap. If you're only writing novels and not making too much money from your day job, odds are it will be several years before you can afford more than a tiny office. Still, you can have an ideal workspace in any…
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