5 Things to take away from your Nanowrimo experience

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Whether or not you've actually finished your novel--and I certainly haven't--Nanowrimo is now officially over. Hopefully you spent yesterday basking in your Nanowrimo glory(I personally spent it sick as a dog), because now it's time to think about December and 2014. The best way to figure out what you should be doing over the next few weeks and into the new year is to start by looking at where you are now. Take a look at your experience last month and figure out the following things: 1. How much you can write in a day with focus-- this helps you set realistic goals. During Nanowrimo odds are you really pushed yourself. What's the most you can write in a day you've set aside on the weekend? What's the most you…
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Dealing with School/Work Related Interruptions

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School and work are both important, but focusing on one or the other to the exclusion of all else can be dangerous. We're often told to put these things above all else, which can lead to self-neglect and even self-hatred. Capitalism tells us to focus on what makes us money and ignore that which nourishes the soul. Since these beliefs have been drilled into us since we were kids, they're difficult to ignore. Unfortunately work and/or school will probably always be factors in your life. The key is to make sure that they don't interrupt your writing time more than absolutely necessary. So how do you keep school/work out of your writing time? 1. Don't take on extra responsibilities. If you don't have to stay at work late, don't. If…
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Staying Motivated When Life Interrupts

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The last couple of weeks have marked the beginning of school for many of us. Personally I'm very excited to begin the new school year, knowing that it moves me one step closer to graduation and from there I can begin the rest of my life. I'm also excited because I've got some great classes this semester--particularly Aboriginal Studies and Law--but all the excitement in the world doesn't stop me from catching sick. Which is, unfortunately, what happened to me last week. I spent most of the weekend in bed, so this is a very short post. Despite my sickness and not getting much done--I managed to forget my school binder at a friend's house on Friday evening because I was so out of it--I did manage to write a…
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