What Customers Say About my Writing

“I’ve worked with Dianna on several projects and on different types of content. She’d always put her mind to it, asked the right questions, and managed to make a perfect delivery.” ~Sabina Ionescu, Theme Isle

“Dianna is excellent at researching and writing about almost any topic. She is also excellent at adjusting her tone to fit different niches and websites.” ~Greg Nunan, We Digital

“Dianna’s writing has been a key part of getting STEAMLabs off the ground! She has also written blog and social media posts about our programs to communicate our story to the public. Her writing skills have also been put to excellent use writing copy for our web site. She has even conceived and executed marketing strategies. She works hard, she works independently, and has been an excellent part of our team!” ~Andy Forest, STEAMLabs

“Dianna breathed new life into our product descriptions and wrote well researched articles for our blog. I would hire her to write more articles again in an instant.” ~Ed Forrester, The Little Health Company

“As the editor-in-chief of a rising magazine and the editorial director of a large and quickly growing digital publisher, I need more employees like Dianna. She’s smart, efficient, and more concerned about doing a good job than anything else. I highly recommend her to any prospective employer.” ~Celina Summers, Editor in Chief Penumbra eMagazine Musa Publishing

“I didn’t have to babysit her – she was a fast learner and always came up with ideas on her own to make things better for our company. She wrote various blog posts regarding the wedding industry for me and took the time to research and understand the business before doing so.” ~Veneet Bansal, DJiZM Disc Jockey Services

“Dianna is a pleasure to work with and an invaluable asset to my business. She’s able and willing to help with just about anything related to the web, but she’s particularly talented with research and writing. ” ~Casandra Campbell of Minimalist Marketing

“Dianna is able to work well with any topic provided and has many fantastic ideas of her own. She always meets deadlines and has proven herself a great writer worth hiring”. ~John Lam of Flex Surveys

What Customers Say About my SEO Strategy Services

“Dianna helped me get a better understanding of SEO and point me in the right direction. Her suggestions helped a lot and I look forward to seeing improved results from her help.” ~ Author Patricia Lynne, https://www.patricialynne.com/

“When Dianna offered a discount on her SEO consulting services, I jumped at the chance. She provided a report in no time at all, and now I feel I can update my author website by following her recommendations. Would highly recommend if you’re not SEO savvy.” – Cait Gordon, www.caitgordon.com