Three Dares

Today I’m sitting at 35, 000 words with a lofty goal of 50, 000 by midnight (although I won’t put myself down if I don’t make it tonight) and I’m rather tired, so my post is just a couple of dares, one of which I’ve already posted on the Toronto regional forum.

Dare Number One:
I dare you to include a squirrel eating a packet of ketchup in your novel.
*Bonus points if the squirrel finishes the ketchup, disappears, and returns at some point with yet another packet of ketchup.
**Double bonus points if this happens at a very crucial moment in your novel.

Dare Number Two:
Have all the plants in your world suddenly turn purple.
*Bonus points if everyone except the main character thinks this is absolutely normal.
**Double bonus points if this ends up driving your character insane.

Dare Number Three:
Have a group of ninjas who are actually aliens invade your novel.
*Bonus points if they’re actually a specific kind of alien from your favourite science fiction TV show or book.
**Double bonus points if they become the most important villains in your novel.

And please folks, if you do use any of these dares, let me know. I’d love to see how you use them and even if you never show me that part of your Nanovel, I’ll be happier just knowing that I inspired you.

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