What are you going to accomplish in the last four months of the year?

DSC_0615_editSomehow the first eight months of 2016 have already passed us by, and if you’re anything like me you’ve created a list of everything you’ve accomplished this year and you can’t decide if it’s an incredible amount of work or not quite enough(the real answer, I suspect, is a little bit of both). But one thing’s for sure: there are only a precious few months left to reach as many of our goals for the year as possible. Now is the time to start working towards these goals with ferocious determination.

And one of the best ways to motivate yourself is to announce your goals to the world, so please share your goals for the rest of the year in the comments section — but first let me tell you about a couple of my own writing goals:

  • September — Write 30,000+ words of the draft I’m currently working on(it’s a second draft but a complete rewrite), which will bring me almost to the end
  • October — Finish the draft I’m currently working on and write a short story. The second part of this will actually be a way bigger challenge.
  • November — Do final edits on a couple short things I’ve written and start editing the sequel to Moonshadow’s Guardian, the fantasy novel I plan to self publish.
  • December — Finish editing the sequel to Moonshadow’s Guardian(which will hopefully have a better name by then) and write a related short story.

I’m also working on a really intense series of blog posts about developing a diverse cast of characters to go with the interviews I’ve been doing, which will start next Tuesday. This month I’ll actually be attending multiple workshops on creating diverse characters, which I plan to write about in detail — but enough about me, I want to hear about your goals! Let me know what you’re getting up to this fall in the comments.