What have you accomplished this summer?

Summer is drawing to a close and it can be easy to look at all the things you planned to do that didn’t happen this summer–let’s be honest here, everyone has something–and get depressed about your lack of success. However, if you take the time to think about it you’ll often discover that you’ve accomplished quite a lot, just not the things you originally¬†planned to accomplish.¬†

For example, this summer I didn’t get much freelance work, frankly because I didn’t put that much effort into it. Instead, I finished editing Moonshadow’s Guardian, edited one short story and am almost finished editing a second, put one non-fiction ebook together and started on a second one, and outlined a second draft of my 2011 Nano that I plan to start working on in just a few days. I also found a part time job working as an online customer service agent, which will allow me to invest money into creating the best possible ebooks and marketing them in the most efficient way.

That’s a lot of work, work that will help me create the future I’ve always wanted, even if it hasn’t made me any money yet. The important thing isn’t making money right now, it’s being able to live purely off my words within the next few years, and I’m still working steadily towards that goal. In fact, it will be easier now that I’ve decided to focus on what really matters and cut out some of my projects completely. More importantly, I’m more optimistic about my career than I ever have been before.

You’ve probably accomplished a lot this summer too, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Maybe you haven’t reached all of your writing goals, but you’ve worked really hard at your job or spent a lot of time with your children because it’s summer vacation. Maybe you’ve moved or maybe you’ve just gone through everything you own and thrown out a lot of things. Maybe you’ve re-organized your workspace and actually kept up with social media this summer. Whatever it is you’ve done this summer, you should be proud of it.

Studies have shown that focusing on the positive will bring positive things into your life, and focusing on what you’ve accomplished is certainly an excellent way to challenge depression. Sometimes all you need to get yourself going is a reminder of how far you’ve already come.

So what have you accomplished this summer? Was it what you planned to do? Let me know in the comments below.