What I’ve accomplished this month

WritingSuccessesWell it is apparently the end of March and once again time for me to share all my writerly accomplishments. I somehow managed to get another nasty cold next week(that’s pretty much a week of sick every month this year, which I guess is what I get for barely having been sick in a few years) so I’m not quite as far into anything as I want to be, but I’ve still accomplished a lot to be proud of this month.

So let’s go through what I’ve accomplished on each of my big March projects:

Write the sequel to Moonshadow’s Guardian — Thanks to a combination of the aforementioned sickness and the story growing a couple really cool but rather large subplots, I’m only about halfway through the first draft of this book, but I’ve been making great progress for the last couple weeks and I’m really excited about where it’s going next. My excitement to burn through the story means that it’s a rather bare bones manuscript at the moment, but that is totally acceptable since it’s still a first draft.

Submit Moonshadow’s Guardian — I’ve had ideas for a couple changes I want to make to this novel before I send it back out, which I’ll be making over the weekend. I expect to have it back out on the market next week.

Blog regularly — I’ve been pretty on top of blogging and had some really great interviews with TP Keane and Genese Davis, but mostly I’ve been working really hard to prepare for the A to Z Challenge, a challenge to write one blog post for each letter of the alphabet and post one on each weekday in April. I’ve got almost all of them scheduled and I’m really excited to start the month and get to know other bloggers involved in the challenge(there’s over a thousand of them, so I’m definitely not going to meet them all, but I’m sure to make some friends).

My goals for next month:

Connect with 15 bloggers through the A to Z Challenge — The suggestion is that you find five new blogs each day, but my goal is to form deeper, more lasting relationships. I feel like fifteen is enough to be a challenge but not enough to be totally overwhelming, although I might change my mind partway through the month.

Finish the sequel to Moonshadow’s Guardian — It may have taken me almost two months to get to the halfway point but I have a much better idea where things are going now than I did when I started. Things have changed a lot but all for the better and I’m really excited for the rest of the story, so I suspect I’ll get through it much faster. How long it will be when it’s over, I honestly have no idea, but probably around 80K.

Re-outline Some Secrets Should Never Be Known — This is the novel I wrote the second draft of last summer and it will be the project I jump into when I finish the sequel to Moonshadow’s Guardian. I’m hoping I’ll be able to start it before April is over but at this point I suspect I’ll be starting it in May.

There are a couple other secret things I’m working on and a bunch of fairly boring work deadlines and goals, but these are the major things I want to accomplish in April.

What have you accomplished this month? What are you going to do in April? Let me know in the comments section below!10