Winter break

Christmas is almost upon us, and whether or not you celebrate the holiday itself, odds are that you have some vacation time coming up. For those of us caught in the daily grind of work or school, vacation time often means extra time for your writing projects. It’s always a good idea to take one or two days completely off to relax your mind and spend time with family, but it’s also a good idea to make the most of your vacation. After all, we all want more time to work on our writing, right?

Personally I’m planning to use my vacation time to focus on book length projects. I’m almost finished my Nanowrimo novel now, but by the time January first hits I want to not only have finished that novel, but made a significant dent into my rewrite of the novel I wrote in 2010. I’ll also be creating a plan for this blog that will cover my topics for all of 2014, though they’ll be subject to change at any time.

The one thing I won’t be doing is actively posting on the blog. If I can instead spend the few hours I spend on writing posts each week on planning my next year of work, it will make everything run more smoothly in the new year, and give me more time to work on both my novels and the writing ebooks I plan on publishing.

So have a wonderful holiday season and expect me back fresh on January 6th, ready for both a new year of writing and my last month of school. Don’t forget to keep working on your own goals through the holiday season, no matter what gets in the way.