Word Count and End of Week 2

My Current Word Count: 72, 034.

Today’s expected word count for those of you aiming for 50, 000 words: 20, 000 words.

My expected word count: 120, 000.

This nanowrimo’s been pretty rough on me, with a five day break from writing at the end of the first week. I hope all of you are having an easier time with Nanowrimo than I am.

I’m really enjoying my stories even though my word count is severely behind. I’m also really happy with where things are going here at Fictional Worlds. I’m really excited about my new series of interviews. I’m always looking for more authors to interview, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.

We’re almost halfway through Nanowrimo and it’s the second weekend now, so let’s pump up our word counts and have some fun writing like the wind!